Germain Gauthier


Relatio: Text Semantics Capture Political and Economic Narratives
(with Elliott Ash & Philine Widmer)
Political Analysis, 2023
(arXiv Version) (Python Package) (GitHub Repo) (Code and Data)

Les déterminants de la mobilisation des “Gilets Jaunes”
(with Pierre Boyer, Thomas Delemotte, Vincent Rollet & Benoît Schmutz)
Revue Economique, Vol. 71 - 1. Jan. 2020
(Policy Brief) (Column)

Working Papers

Measuring Crime Incidence and Reporting: Method and Application to #MeToo
(SSRN Version) (Slides)

The Lifecycle of Protests in the Digital Age
(with Pierre Boyer, Yves Le Yaouanq, Vincent Rollet & Benoît Schmutz)

Work in Progress

Algorithms, Political Attitudes, and Well-Being
(with Roland Hodler, Philine Widmer & Ekaterina Zhuravskaya)

Generative AI & Labor Market Discrimination
(with Kenza Elass, Debora Nozza, and Paola Profeta)

Generalized Topic Models
(with Elliott Ash & Philine Widmer)

Neural Ideal Point Models
(with Hugo Subtil)

Short Notes / Comments

On the Use of Two-Way Fixed Effects Models for Policy Evaluation During Pandemics
(arXiv Version) (Code and Data)