Germain Gauthier


Economics PhD Student
Polytechnique | CREST

About Me

About me

I’m currently a PhD candidate at the Center for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST) and a doctoral affiliate at the Institute for Public Policies (IPP). I work under the supervision of Alessandro Riboni.

I visited the Center for Data Science, Law and Economics at ETH Zürich for the academic year 2020-2021, invited by Elliott Ash.

I study topics related to political economy, applied econometrics, and computational linguistics.

I am also an active developer of relatio, a python package to mine narrative statements from large text corpora.


Les déterminants de la mobilisation des “Gilets Jaunes”, with Pierre Boyer, Thomas Delemotte, Vincent Rollet & Benoît Schmutz, Revue Economique, Vol. 71 - 1. Jan. 2020

Keywords: Gilets jaunes, mouvements sociaux

Additional Information
We study the socio-economic characteristics of the French regions where the Gilets jaunes protests took place (Nov 2018).

See also the working paper version , policy brief and column .

Selected media coverage: France Inter , Le Figaro , Alternatives Economiques , Le Parisien and Libération .

Working Papers

RELATIO: Text Semantics Capture Political and Economic Narratives, with Elliott Ash & Philine Widmer, R&R, Political Analysis

Keywords: narratives, memes, natural language processing

Additional Information
We introduce a method to identify coherent entity groups and map explicit relations between them in large text corpora. We illustrate our approach with an application to the US Congressional Record.

Try out the freely distributed python package relatio.

Mobilization Without Consolidation: Social Media and the Yellow Vests Protests, with Pierre Boyer, Thomas Delemotte, Vincent Rollet & Benoît Schmutz, R&R, Journal of Politics

Keywords: Gilets jaunes, social media, social movements

Additional Information
We study the interaction between online and offline mobilizations in the context of the Gilets jaunes protests (Nov 2018) in France.

See our detailed online appendix on the movement.

An older working paper version of this project may be found here .

On the Use of Two-Way Fixed Effects Models for Policy Evaluation During Pandemics

Keywords: COVID-19, policy evaluation, difference in differences

Additional Information
During the Covid-19 pandemic, multiple studies used difference-in-differences identification strategies to assess the impact of mitigation policies. Via simulations of a canonical epidemiological model, I show that the resulting estimates can be unreliable.

For replication, see the dedicated git repo.

An early-stage version of this project may be found here.

Work in Progress

Sex Crimes and the Me Too Movement

Keywords: #metoo, sex crimes, crime reporting, crime deterrence, survival analysis

Sex Selective Abortions in Indian Households , with Véronique Gille and Pauline Rossi

Keywords: gender norms, sex ratio, sex-selective abortion, survival analysis

Teaching Notes

Slides and exercises for SICSS Paris 2022, with Felix Lennert and Etienne Ollion

Graduate Level Introductory Course to Stata