Germain Gauthier


Economics PhD Student
Polytechnique | CREST

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About me

I am a PhD candidate at the Center for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST) and a doctoral affiliate at the Institute for Public Policies (IPP).

I study topics related to political economy, law, and crime. I am also interested in econometrics and machine learning.

My supervisor is Alessandro Riboni.

I am currently visiting ETH Zürich, invited by Elliott Ash.

I am on the 2022/2023 academic job market.


Les déterminants de la mobilisation des “Gilets Jaunes”, with Pierre Boyer, Thomas Delemotte, Vincent Rollet & Benoît Schmutz, Revue Economique, Vol. 71 - 1. Jan. 2020
[Final Paper][Working Paper][Policy Brief][Column]


Relatio: Text Semantics Capture Political and Economic Narratives, with Elliott Ash & Philine Widmer, Conditionally Accepted at Political Analysis
[Latest Version][Python Package][Development][Code and Data]

Mobilization Without Consolidation: Social Media and the Yellow Vests Protests, with Pierre Boyer, Thomas Delemotte, Vincent Rollet & Benoît Schmutz, Resubmitted to The Journal of Politics
[Latest Version]

Work in Progress

On the Use of Two-Way Fixed Effects Models for Policy Evaluation During Pandemics
[Latest Version][Code and Data]

Measuring Crime Incidence and Reporting: Method and Application to #MeToo

Son Preference in Indian Extended Households: Sex-selective Abortions, Birth Spacing, and Stopping Behaviors, with Véronique Gille & Pauline Rossi

Algorithms, Political Attitudes, and Well-Being, with Roland Hodler, Philine Widmer & Ekaterina Zhuravskaya

Did #MeToo increase the legal cost of committing a sex crime? with Roberto Galbiati & Arnaud Philippe

The Impact of Facebook on US Politics, with Elliott Ash & David Cai

Teaching Notes

SICSS Paris 2022, with Felix Lennert and Etienne Ollion
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Graduate Level Introductory Course to Stata
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